How much time and effort are you spending around compressor cleaning?

Welcome to the program

We work with a new Anti Fouling Treatment method – AFT

It gives “self cleaning” properties by improved long lasting Surface composition

The work covers Clinical cleaning of rotor & stator blades + AFT during a major overhaul

The work can be done on site and does not interfere with other work on site

Tests have been run since 2009, We have 5 trial Machines running with AFT – the leading machine has logged 4 years ……and it is still Clean!

The results are promising to say the least

Our aim is to have the AFT lasting the whole period between major overhaul. this will make life easier regarding your cleaning logistics!

We are also looking to use the same AFT METHOD in the heat exchangers to improve efficiency.

Since 1990, we have been at the forefront in our effort to permanently improve and maintain Compressor Efficiency in all Gas Turbine Applications like Aero – Industrial & Marine – Oil & Gas etc.

Our mission

To permanently improve and maintain power generation Energy Efficiency